Master Steve DiGloria

6th Degree Black Belt

Master Steve DiGloria began with The American Tang Soo Do Association in October of 1984 at the YMCA in Lawrence, MA. With over 30 years of training, Master DiGloria has become the Head Instructor of Byrne’s Tang Soo Do, located in North Reading, MA.  This is the second oldest school under the ATA with 38 years of history.
Master DiGloria is well known for his breaking ability in competing world wide and has won several Extreme Breaking Championships.  His Most memorable was 2014 in Wales where he won the GRANDMASTER BYRNE EXTREME BREAKING MEMORiAL AWARD at one of the largest Tang Soo Do tournament to be held.
Master DiGloria is also a highly established trainer in self defense and forms.  Having conducted seminars for all ages and ranks though out the world, he enjoys watching the sense of understanding a student gets when they feel they have learned.



Miss Leah Santangelo

3rd Degree Black Belt

Leah Santangelo began her Tang Soo Do training back in 2001, and achieved her 1st degree black belt in 2004. As an assistant instructor at Byrnes Tang Soo Do in North Reading, Leah works with all ages on self defense, sparring, and improving cardio. She loves doing drills that make it fun to help strengthen their body, improve their endurance and boost their confidence. Leah has won many medals in tournament categories such as board breaking, forms, sparring. She is currently a 3rd degree black belt under the ATA. Also, she holds a degree in Business Management and is CPR/First Aid certified by the American Red Cross.